Mold Statistics You Should Know In Commercial Buildings

Mold Statistics You Should Know In Commercial Buildings

Molds are a form of fungus comprising tiny organisms that are invisible to the naked eyes. The color ranges of mold include purple, black, green, orange, etc. While molds are an essential part of the decomposition cycle outdoors, once they grow indoors, they can quickly give rise to problems.

Bear in mind that these problems are not common problems and may complicate chronic health conditions like respiratory diseases or disorders. They thrive and reproduce in moist and dark environments where they diffuse to spread tiny spores into the air.

These tiny spores spread across the affected area and its moist surroundings to consume nearly all types of organic material. In fact, molds (i.e., the tiny spores that spread through the air) come in contact with humans on a regular basis, especially outdoors.

Who’s at Risk and How?

Molds can introduce various different health and structural problems where they exist. They occur due to poor maintenance or faulty water or moisture control. In addition, they thrive in dark places. Some of the signs of mold and fungus growth include:

  • Colored spots (black, green, purple, etc.)
  • Slimy stains on walls, ceilings, corners, etc.
  • Leaky water spots that may have color in them
  • Breathing problems (sudden and variant with time) such as coughing, sneezing, etc.

Many people are sensitive to mold and other fungi, which causes adverse reactions to their bodies. Some of the reactions can include a stuffy, runny nose, itchy eyes, irritated skin, wheezing, etc.

People with asthma are highly susceptible to medical complications when in contact with mold and tiny fungus spores. It can lead to allergic reactions and severe symptoms, causing seizures in rare cases. Rarely, molds can also cause shortness of breath and high-fevers in hypersensitive people.

4 Key Mold Statistics to Know in Commercial Buildings


Besides homes and residential areas, molds largely affect commercial buildings and their ongoing operations. Here are some of the most important mold statistics in relation to its occurrence in commercial buildings.


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