Mold Removal Company in Reading MA

Nearly 25,000 people live in the town of Reading, which is located 10 miles north of Boston. It’s these people we at Bay State Mold Removal want to protect from harmful mold and air impurities by providing the best mold remediation services around.

Mold Problems in Reading

Often times our homes become less of an ideal living environment for our families and more ideal for mold, which is why homeowners must take swift actions and call a residential mold removal company as soon as they see signs of mold, which can include:

  • Musty smelling basement or atticattic mold removal
  • Water damage or leaks
  • Poor air quality throughout the year
  • Visible signs of mold colonies
  • Unexplained health issues such as allergy symptoms or breathing problems

Why Call a Mold Removal Company

Settled in 1644, Reading MA is one of the oldest towns in the state — which means many of the residential homes are older. Older homes have more of a tendency to develop mold and air quality issues simply due to the fact that, over time, materials wear out and deteriorate. As a homeowner, you may not know that your foundation is leaking until it’s too late! At Bay State Mold Removal, we provide professional basement waterproofing to ensure your basement never springs another leak.

If your home has a mold issue, we will bring in our industry certified mold remediation equipment to remove the colonies as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our goal at our Peabody-based mold remediation company is to give homeowners 100% satisfaction; we’ll remove any belongings that have been affected by mold and will aerate the room while tightly sealing off other rooms to prevent the spread of mold.

The town of Reading is a growing town in which nearly 37% of all households have children under 18 years old. It’s important to keep our family save from unseen harmful mold spores and lung-damaging indoor air toxins. If exposed for a long enough period of time, children living in a home affected by mold or poor indoor air quality can develop serious asthma issues and upper respiratory infections. Take back your home from mold today and contact Bay State Mold Removal for a free estimate!

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