How Do Mold Spores Spread?

How Do Mold Spores Spread?

Contrary to popular belief, mold doesn’t just appear from thin air in your attic or basement. Mold needs some invitation to come into your home first before it can start becoming an issue. Our mold remediation company in Peabody and surrounding areas want homeowners to understand that mold has spores that function similarly to pollen.

How Mold Spores Spread

Mold is generally very moist and wet, which prevents it’s spores from displacing themselves throughout your home. However, if the mold colony dries up due to a homeowner taking measures to reduce indoor humidity, then the mold colony will release the spores so that they can find a new, more ideal living environment elsewhere. Oftentimes we don’t know that we’re disturbing mold spores. These microscopic organisms can hitch rides on air currents (from open windows, doors, fans, etc.), pets and people, as well as inanimate objects such as upholstered furniture. The worst part is: it doesn’t take a lot of effort for these to spread!

Once disturbed, mold spores will not travel in the air for very long because the particles are so heavy. As a result they won’t settle very far from where they originally grew (if traveling by air current). If the spores don’t land in an ideal growing environment, then they will die within the next 24 to 48 hours. Unfortunately for you and your family members, dead mold spores can still cause health problems such as allergies and upper respiratory infections.

What To Do If You Find Mold

If you happen to find a mold colony in your home — do NOT disturb it! There are hundreds of different kinds of household mold and it’s better to not disturb it until you know exactly what you’re dealing with. Our mold removal company in Peabody often deals with toxic black mold. No matter what type of mold is present, our remediation crew will take proper steps to ensure a professional and successful removal job.

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