Licensed Mold Removal Services in Newton, NH

Baystate Mold Removal is depended on by Newton, NH homes and businesses for expert mold removal. Regardless of the severity of your mold issues, our team of mold removal experts will devise a plan to remove your mold the most cost-efficient way.

Mold Removal Services in Newton, NH

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Black Mold Removal Services in Newtown, NH

Black mold can be commonly found throughout New England and is caused by increased humidity in dark places. Black mold can present health issues for those living or working in the space. Due to the nature of Black mold, it is essential to get this removed from your home or business immediately. Not sure if what you have seen is black mold or not? Bay State Mold Removal offers free inspections and estimates.

Attic Mold Removal for Newton, NH

Mold can grow in attics due to this space being prone to increased humidity if the roof has been neglected. Mold growth can accelerate the damage to an attic or roof if not taken care of. Protect your roof and attic while saving yourself future repair costs and remove the mold in your attic today with Bay State Mold Removal.

Basement Mold Removal for Newton, NH

As mentioned in the paragraph above, mold can impact the structural integrity of your home. This includes mold growing within your basement. Basements are also susceptible to mold growth as they are naturally dark and can have increase humidity due to heating & laundry systems. Mold found in your basement can eat away at the foundation of your home which can lead to a basement flood.

We are experts at removing basement mold and waterproofing to ensure homes & businesses stay safe.

Bathroom Mold Removal for Newton, NH

Bathrooms, if not properly ventilated, can grow mold due to steamy showers and humidity. Bathroom vanities made of wood are especially susceptible to mold growth as well. If you are noticing a musty smell or seeing mold growing in your Newton, NH bathroom. Contact us today to get your bathroom inspected for mold growth.

Bay State Mold Removal | Helping Newton, NH Remove Mold Growth

Live or work in Newton, NH, and looking for mold removal services? Contact Bay State Mold Removal today to set up a consultation for mold removal. We are happy to discuss pricing and our process to ensure your home or business is safe from mold.

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