Mold Removal & Remediation in Beverly, MA

Baystate Mold Removal is proud to serve the community of Beverly, MA, for mold removal and mold remediation needs. Beverly is located on Boston’s north shore is a beautiful seaside town that we love to work in. Whether you are looking to waterproof your home to prevent mold or get rid of any mold that could be in your home, turn to us. Please continue reading to learn more about the services we offer home and business owners in Beverly, MA.

Black Mold Removal Services in Beverly, MA

Is your home or business experiencing black mold growth? Black mold impacts the health of those who are exposed and can even deteriorate the walls and foundation of the building. Protect yourself, your loved ones, employees, and customers by removing mold today. 

Attic & Basement Mold Removal Contractor in Beverly, MA

Mold thrives in dark, humid areas making attics & basements the perfect location for mold to grow in homes or businesses. If you notice a musty smell coming from either, it is possible mold has begun to grow. Contact Bay State Mold removal today for expert mold removal services for your home or business attic or basement.

Kitchen & Bathroom Mold Removal Services in Beverly, MA

Kitchens and Bathrooms are another trouble area for homes & businesses regarding potential mold growth. If your pipes condensate water or there are leaks, mold growth behind cabinets or within walls is a very real potential issue. If you notice a musty smell from your kitchen or bathroom, contact Bay State Mold Removal for a mold test.

Furthermore, mold can grow right out in the open as surfaces in the kitchen and bathrooms lend an excellent area for mold to thrive. If you see what you think could be mold growing on shower or kitchen tiles, contact Bay State Mold removal today

Mold Inspections in Beverly, MA

The only way to be sure that your home or office doesn’t have a mold problem is to get a professional mold inspection. During our mold inspections, we not only look for visual signs of mold but we also check with our high-tech moisture meters and thermal imaging equipment. 

Bay State Mold Removal: Beverly, MA’s Expert Mold Removal Company

Bay State Mold Removal provides homeowners in Beverly, MA, with competitive prices for high-quality services. From black mold removal to commercial or residential mold remediation, we can help get rid of mold so you can enjoy your home or office mold-free.

If you need any of our mold removal or mold remediation services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We offer free estimates and have years of professional experience in residential and commercial mold removal. For a free estimate, contact us online or call us at (857) 389-5284 .

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