Licensed Mold Removal Services in Methuen, MA

Methuen, Massachusetts, is located just south of the New Hampshire, sharing a border with Salem, NH. We are happy to offer our full suite of mold removal services to those located in the City of Methuen. Continue reading if your business or home is located in Methuen, and you need mold removal services.

Mold Removal Services in Methuen, MA

Mold can impact homes and businesses throughout the area. In addition to mold being a health concern, mold looks unseemly and can even get to a point where the mold can cause structural damage. New England cities and towns are susceptible to a wide variety of molds, all of which Bay Stat Mold Removal can handle.

Black Mold Removal Services in Methuen, MA

A deadly type of mold, Black Mold thrives in dark, humid spaces. Basements, garages, and unfrequented areas of your home are most likely to grow black mold. If you suspect your home has a black mold infestation, contact us today. Our team of mold removal specialists will remove all traces of black mold from your Methuen, MA home or business.

Attic Mold Removal in Methuen, MA

When was the last time you entered your home’s attic? As you transition seasonal items and decorations into the space, take a quick second to review the condition of the rafters and look for mold! Mold can thrive in attics due to them remaining dark. If your attic is not functioning correctly, this will increase humidity, which makes mold growth even easier. Contact us today for an attic mold assessment today.

Basement Mold Removal Services in Methuen, MA

Like attics, basements can be a dream location for mold to grow and thrive. Darkness and humidity make it an ideal location for mold to go unnoticed, especially in corners or behind storage. Mold can also permeate throughout your home if you do not remediate the issue at its source. If you need your basement inspected for mold growth, Bay State Mold has you covered.

Bathroom Mold Removal Services in Methuen, MA

Bathrooms are susceptible to mold growth due to consistent humidity from showers. If your bathroom doesn’t have a window, this increases your mold growth possibility. Be sure to inspect all areas of your bathroom for mold, including behind toilets, under sinks, and on shower walls. Remove your bathroom mold today with the help of Bay State Mold Removal.

Bay State Mold Removal in Methuen, MA | Providing Methuen home and business owners exceptional Mold Removal Services

We look forward to assisting you in removing mold from your living space or business in Methuen, MA. If you have questions regarding our services or capabilities, feel free to reach out by phone call today!

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