Mold Removal & Mold Remediation in Salem, MA

Bay State Mold Removal is happy to provide their services to the town of Salem, MA. Salem is located just north of Boston, MA and is a popular city to both live and work that we love to work in. Salem is one of the first colonies of the United States and held the infamous Salem witch trials of 1692. Because of its rich history, Salem draws in thousands of tourists every year and the majority of them in October.

Salem, MA has a typical New England climate with cold and snowy winters with hot and humid summers which is prime temperaments for mold to grow. Mold can only grow in specific temperatures with specific humidity levels.

Our Services in Salem, MA

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Black Mold Removal in Salem, MA

Black mold is one of the toughest types of mold to get rid of in a home and it is also one of the most toxic. This type of mold can grow and spread without being visible to the naked eye. It’s essential that with black mold removal you not only get the mold removed from your home but that precautions are taken so the mold doesn’t grow back.

Basement Mold Removal in Salem, MA

One of the most common places we see mold growing is in basements. Homeowners don’t always spend a lot of time in the basement and if there is a water leak then water will typically pool in the basement which leaves the opportunity for mold to start to grow. Basements are typically darker and cooler parts of the home which allows mold to grow fast and unnoticed.

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