Mold Remediation in Walpole MA

Walpole is a small town in Norfolk County, MA and is located about 13 miles south of downtwon Boston and 23.5 miles north of Providence, Rhode Island. The twon of Walpole was first settled in 1659 and as considered a part of Dedham until 1724. Walpole, MA had a population of 24,0701, 8,070 households, and 5,972 families, as of the census back in 2010.

Walpole MA is a convenient town for those who live there: It’s close to Boston and there’s plenty of major highways and public transportation routes that run through the area. However, one of the biggest inconveniencies residents and businesses have is mold problems — and that’s where Bay State Mold Removal comes in.

Mold Problems in Walpole

Walpole’s close proximity to the bay area and it’s surrounding beaches means that is hit by the New England unpredictable weather year-round. As homes get older, foundations and protection weakens, which may lead to mold infestation. Some signs that your building has a mold problem may include:

  • Visible colonies found on wood, cement, drywall or furnitureceiling mold problem
  • Musty smell in the attic, basement or other rooms
  • Condensation on walls due to high humidity levels
  • Poor air quality that leads to health symptoms such as asthma

Why Call a Mold Removal Company

Sometimes homeowners and business owners believe that they can tackle a mold problem on their own. However, what is almost always the case is that the exposed mold is only the tip of the iceberg. At Bay State Mold Removal, our professionals will arrive armed with industry certified mold testing equipment in order to get to the root cause of the mold issue.

Our mold tests will reveal what type of mold is in your home or business, what rooms are affected, and how much mold is in the affected area. Next we will take the necessary steps to remove the mold, which include removing any affected belongings and cleaning them or disposing them according to the owner’s wishes, quarantining the rooms harboring mold to prevent the spread, and bringing in industrial-strength remediation devices.

Many homeowners in Walpole have their washing machines located in their basements. These can often break and leak water onto the floor and it could go unnoticed for a day or two — which is just enough time for mold to grow. We can install basement sump pumps to prevent standing water in your basement, or you can opt for basement waterproofing if you’ve noticed condensation on your walls. Contact our Walpole mold removal company today for a free estimate!

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