Commercial Mold Removal

Commercial Mold Removal Services

As we become more aware of the health effects of mold exposure, it’s increasingly important to keep public places mold-free. Many Americans suffer from unexplained asthma, allergy symptoms and even neurological problems — all due to long-term exposure to mold.

Common Commercial Areas with Mold Problems

Cleaning mold from floorsAlthough mold can grow any place where moisture tends to collect, there are a few commercial and public places where long-term exposure to mold is a serious risk. Schools, particularly grade schools, are notorious for having mold problems. Oftentimes water pipes will burst and go unnoticed for months, or malfunctioning and outdated air conditioners will cause condensation on windows or ceiling tiles.

Office buildings large and small are also prone to experiencing mold issues. Offices which fail to keep up with regular cleaning and maintenance work tend to find mold colonies down the road. Employee productivity and office moral can suffer as a result of negative health effects of mold. Building managers, custodians and employers should keep a weary eye on any changes in air quality throughout the year and contact Bay State Mold Removal if there are any signs of mold.

Why Seek Professional Mold Removal for Commercial Properties

It’s often overwhelming for businesses to come across extensive mold damage in their building. It may seem more beneficial to have your in-office custodian team to remove the mold, but there is a high chance they may not be able to locate the source of the mold and simply remove what’s visible.

At Bay State Mold Removal, our air quality and surface testing will accurately track down the source of your commercial mold problem. Our environmentally friendly mold remediation process will allow your employees to continue working throughout the day. We’ll leave no nook and cranny unchecked to ensure you never have a mold problem again.

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