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Questions to Ask a Mold Inspector

Questions to Ask a Mold Inspector

Like other professions, you will find many mold inspectors in the business if you need one. However, choosing the perfect person for the job is entirely different. What does a mold inspector do?

Mold inspectors are professionals who look thoroughly and find places susceptible to mold growth. A typical mold inspection entails inspectors checking areas that have been infested by mold via water damage or moisture problems.

This insightful article gives you an idea of the right questions to ask so that you don’t give the job to a mold inspector that is under-qualified or wants to rip you off.

Do You Have an Idea of What the IICRC S520 Is?

The International Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is a guiding trade association for cleaning and restoration professionals. On the other hand, the IICRC S520 was implemented as the official reference for mold repairs. Although mold inspectors are not bound by the law to follow the IICRC S520, the credible ones usually do for thoroughness.

Can You Also Restore the Mold?

Asides from inspecting molds, some mold inspector companies also remediate them. This combination is not common as they often recommend you to a trusted company for restoration. Bay State Mold Removal is one of the qualified companies you can trust for mold restoration.

What Are Your Certifications?

The same way you will request to see a police officer badge when one approaches you is the same way you should request for the certifications of the mold inspector you see at your doorstep. Some of the credentials you should request are WRT (water restoration technician), AMRT (applied microbial remediation technician), and CIE (certified indoor environmentalist).

Hence, your mold inspector should be certified in the above areas for you to be confident and assured of their credibility.

Where Will the Sample be tested?

This question is essential and shouldn’t be undermined when consulting with a mold inspector. Sampling is necessary when you have doubts about a substance being mold or if you smell a musky odor similar to mold but are unsure of the location.

Credible mold inspectors will tell you that they do the testing of mold samples in labs. However, if a mold inspector tells you that they buy kits from the local hardware store to test their samples, it is best not to do business with such people.

Can I Get the Cost of the Inspection?

Transparency is key when performing business, whether as the client or company. Therefore, getting a cost breakdown of the inspection and sampling fees is the right thing to do so that the bills don’t surprise you. Also, you should get a breakdown of the restoration cost if the same company does the restoration work.

What Methods Do You Use For Mold Restoration?

Mold-killing, chemicals, or media blasting are popular techniques mold professionals use to restore mold. However, this does not make them the only viable methods available for restoring molds. All you need to do is ensure that the method your mold inspector tells you is legit and right for the job.

At Bay State Mold Removal, we are the best choice for inspecting the molds in your basement, attic, or other places in your home. Call us today for more information about our inspection process.

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