Kitchen Mold Removal

Mold found anywhere in your home is never a good sign, but when it’s found in the kitchen, that’s when you need to act quickly. The kitchen is an integral part of your home and is a communal space for your family, so when there’s mold in the area it could cause a wide array of issues, including:

  • Health issues to family members or pets
  • Kitchen appliance malfunction
  • Structural damage to cabinets and floors

Where Kitchen Mold is Commonly Found

Just like any other room in your home, kitchen mold can be found in multiple locations. Luckily our mold remediation experts can track down the source of the mold problem and find an effective and long-lasting solution to any moisture or leak issues. If you suspect mold, try looking in the following places in your kitchen:kitchen mold removal

  • Under the sink or on exposed water pipes
  • In the stovetop hood fan
  • Under the refrigerator or dishwasher
  • Inside cabinets or drawers

Kitchen Mold Remediation Services

Bay State Mold Removal provides residents in Peabody and surrounding areas with professional mold remediation services. Kitchen mold remediation is an intricate and precise process and precautions must be taken in order to contain the contaminated area. Our crew will section off the kitchen from the rest of the home in order to prevent the spread of mold spores, then we’ll begin our industry-approved mold remediation process. We always make sure to properly dispose of the mold spores and any mold-affected furniture and belongings so that the chance of the mold problem returning is non-existent.

Our goal is to ensure that your kitchen is mold free and restored to it’s original condition before the issue occurred. We’ll also work with you and other kitchen remodeling contractors to install mold prevention measures. We’re also available 24/7 for any emergency kitchen mold removal services. Contact Bay State Mold Removal today for a free estimate!

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