How Mold Comes Out During Summer Vacations

How Mold Comes Out During Summer Vacations

During summer, you may notice mold growing in different corners of the house. Many factors, such as summer rains and warmer temperatures, contribute to mold growth. Environmental Protection Agency reports that mold development indoor can increase the risks of asthma attacks and allergies.

Children and elderly people frequently fall sick because of mold in the house. Therefore, you need to identify the mold spots and eliminate them. But, before that, you need to know how mold comes out during summer vacations. As a result, you can prevent mold growth and protect your family members.

How Mold Come Out During Summer Vacations?

On average, a family of four members produces 25 pints of water during the summertime. The source of this water production includes showering, washing dishes and clothes, and breathing. You can remove this moisture by ensuring proper ventilation. However, when the water moisture revolves in the house and settles down in corners, mold begins to develop.

When you notice water droplets forming inside the windows and a musty smell, it is a sign of mold growth. If you notice the smell and cannot spot the mold, it indicates that mold is growing in hidden places. Consequently, you need to examine under the carpet or behind the furniture to check the mold.

Numerous factors such as poor ventilation cause condensation, leading to mold growth. As a method for prevention, you need to clean your house from potential food sources and dirt as well. When food sources and dirt mix with humid air, it encourages mold growth. Development of mold is also common in closed rooms without proper ventilation.

Faulty and poorly cleaned gutters are another source of mold development. Make sure that the downspout extends away from your home. If the downspout is small, the water can rush into your basement and cause flooding.

Repair all the leaks and faulty facets as these can also motivate the growth of the mold. Moreover, check the air conditioning drain lines to make sure that they are functional. If you notice that the drain lines are clogging, immediately unclog it or contact a professional.  

Methods to Prevent Mold

·        Installing a Dehumidifier

You can install a humidifier as it will reduce buildup due to excessive moisture. You can hire a professional team for identification and cleaning the mold from your home. This will protect your family from developing numerous health problems.

·        Comprehensive Mold Management

Hire a licensed mold cleaning company in your neighborhood as they have high-precision tools and techniques to detect and clean mold. They will also examine your air quality to see if it is mold-friendly or not.


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