How to Prevent Mold Growth

How to Prevent Mold Growth

Mold can be one of the most frustrating things a homeowner will ever encounter. Mold is hard to get rid of, can cause health problems, and it can be costly because of the damage it can cause which is why preventing mold from going in your home is essential.

Mold can grow anywhere: on the carpet, on furniture, food, paper, clothes, and even places you can’t see like inside your walls or under your floors. If you have mold in areas of your home and don’t get it cleared up right away, it can spread to other areas of your home. There are even some types of mold you can’t even see with your own eyes.

The best thing you can do for yourself and your home is to prevent mold before it even grows. Here are some of the best ways to prevent mold from growing in your home.

Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

  1. Dry wet areas immediately. If you spill something or have a leak, you should make sure that the area is dried immediately because mold can’t grow without moisture. Mold typically takes between 24-48 hours to start growing on any wet surface.
  2. Reduce the humidity levels in your home. Mold grows with moisture so keeping the humidity levels in your home to a minimum is key to stopping mold before it even starts growing. It’s recommended that you keep your humidity level in your home between 30-60%, you can measure and keep an eye on it with a moisture meter that you can buy online or at a local hardware store. To reduce humidity, you can open windows or buy a ventilation system for your home.
  3. Make sure your gutters are working properly. Gutters direct water away from your home so if your gutters aren’t working, water and moisture are staying near your home. If they’re clogged then excess water could overflow onto your roof and leak into your home/ceiling.
  4. Add mold resistant products. If you are remodeling, updating, or have common mold problems it could be beneficial to take the additional precaution and add in products that are mold resistant. There is mold resistant drywall that you can build with and you should use mold inhibiting paint.

Don’t let mold be a problem in your home. If you need more tips on prevent mold from growing in your home, call the mold removal experts at Bay State Mold Removal. If you have mold in your home and need it removed or any mold related problems call us at (857) 389-5284 or contact us online.

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