How to Fight Mold Issues During the Summer Heat & Humidity

How to Fight Mold Issues During the Summer Heat & Humidity

Humidity is a major reason for the growth of mold or mildew, leading to serious health issues. However, you can maintain air quality inside the house to prevent dangerous conditions. In this article, we will share some precautionary measures that will help you enhance air quality during summer and humid weather.

Fight Mold Issues During Summer Heat and Humidity

Here are some tips for reducing mildew and mold during summer:

Keep Air Cool

To prevent mold from growing indoors, you need to reduce the water vapor in the air. The best way to minimize airborne water vapor is by installing an HVAC system. An air conditioning unit will also work. The main goal is to keep the environment inside the home chilly. Reducing the temperature in your home will also make you comfortable during hot summer weather.

Increase Airflow

Besides, keep the air cool, an HVAC system also increase the airflow keeping the air fresh. If you do not want to install a heating and cooling system, you can turn on the fans or open the doors. That way, you can access fresh air as well as reduce the accumulation of moisture. This will eventually decrease the risk of developing mold inside the house.

Use a Dehumidifier

If the humidity problem is frequent during the summer season, you ca n install a dehumidifier. That way, you can reduce the humidity in the air while staying under a budget. However, a dehumidifier will adjust the humidity of a single room. You need to install a dehumidifier for each room. A dehumidifier is a powerful solution that regulates the air in the room, preventing humidity. Keep in mind that a larger room will require more than one dehumidifier.

Heat the Floor

You can also prevent condensation by adding heat to the room. Normally, the temperature close to the foundation or floor is cooler than outside air. When the air inside a room is cooler, it results in condensation causing mold development.

Remove Porous Materials

You can easily prevent mildew and mold by removing porous materials from the room. However, you cannot implement this technique for your entire home. What you can do is target small areas around the house with high humidity. The best location to target would be the doorways wherein water vapor enters inside the house. You can also reduce the humidity in a room by adding more non-porous materials. For instance, high-density polyethylene is a substance with mold-resistant properties. Adding this material in the bathroom and locker rooms will prevent mold and mildew from growing.


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