Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Cleaning Mold

Common Mistakes Homeowners Make When Cleaning Mold

When it comes to mold removal, homeowners should not use home products as a solution to save money. Bay State Mold Removal has encountered countless poor jobs made by our customers that felt the problem was fixed, but in fact, mold was not properly removed and has not caused more issues than before. Here are the most common product mistakes you should avoid when cleaning the mold.


This is probably the most commonly used as most homeowners believe that bleach can remove mold. In actuality, bleach only changes the mold’s color what it appears as a transparent or white color; unfortunately, the mold will come back and grow worse than before within three to four months.

Mold Resistant Finish

A controversial solution many people overestimate how effective molds can be. Although it may appear a layer over the mold as the simple fix, in reality, mold can grow underneath the layer of paint and hardens, making it more work than it should be to remove. This is a health hazard as the mold is still there, and it will only worsen if the problem is not rectified. The appropriate time to add a mold-resistant paint is when the mold is killed correctly. 

Improper Mold Cleaning (DIY)

Trying to remove mold from materials like tile or glass may seem manageable when the mold is a small amount. However, porous materials like wood, insulation, or even drywall should be tackled by a local mold professional as mold is a lot harder to kill and require specific equipment. 

Bottom Line

A quick, easy fix may seem tempting because it’s right there in your face but think about the situation in the long run and how mold can not be killed with the home products. It requires special attention. If you want a healthy home to protect the safety of your loved ones we highly recommend calling a professional like Bay State Mold Removal to get the job done right so you can enjoy living in your own home without any worries. 

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