Mold Problems: How Your Family’s Health Could be at Risk

Mold Problems: How Your Family’s Health Could be at Risk

Many homeowners may notice that their basement, attic or bathroom has a musty odor to it, but that’s just the way those rooms are supposed to smell, right?

Wrong! This is a tell-tale sign that your home has a mold problem, and it can be affecting the people who live there. In fact, mold can be attributed to a myriad of health problems, including itchy or watery eyes, upper respiratory infections, and asthma. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 25 million Americans suffer from asthma.

Some people may not show signs or symptoms of mold exposure at all, but it’s important to know who is at risk.

People at Risk for Mold-Related Health Issues

Infants and children are one of the groups most at risk for developing mold-related health problems. These individuals have yet to build up a strong-enough immune system to fight off common mold allergens. Elderly individuals may be on the opposite end of the age spectrum, but as we age our immune system weakens and it’s harder to recover from common illnesses.

People with compromised immune systems such as those who have suffered from cancer, HIV and other non-treatable or terminal illnesses are at a higher risk than others to developing serious mold-related health issues. Sometimes an allergy attach along could land them in the hospital, so it’s important to get rid of household mold as soon as possible. Lung disease patients are also at risk when exposed to mold. When mold flourishes and grows into a major issue, you home’s indoor air quality will suffer, making breathing difficult for people with lung disease and other upper respiratory problems.

Getting Rid of Household Mold

There are a number of DIY ways to both prevent and remove mold from your home in order to keep you loved ones safe, but if you want to be 100% sure that your mold problem won’t return, it’s best to let the professionals step in and fix the issue. Bay State Mold Removal has been helping Massachusetts residents for more than 20 years; contact us today for a free estimate and quick service.

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