Using Basement Waterproofing to Solve Mold Problems

Using Basement Waterproofing to Solve Mold Problems

It’s never a good day when you walk down into your basement and are met with the musty smell of mold. For homeowners with cement or cinder-block walled basements, condensation can often occur if the foundation wasn’t built properly — and with condensation often comes mold growth.

Condensation issues can be solved using different types of basement waterproofing methods. At Bay State Mold Removal, we provide homeowners with professional interior basement waterproofing to prevent future mold problems.

Interior Waterproofing as a Solution to Mold Problems

This method of basement waterproofing is quick and effective when it comes to solving household mold problems. After Bay State Mold Removal takes the necessary mold remediation steps to remove mold from the affected rooms, we will apply a waterproof coating to your basement’s walls. Note that this interior waterproof coating is only effective when there’s a condensation issue or minor dampness.

Other Basement Waterproofing Techniques

If you’ve noticed that your home is susceptible to more than just dampness, then it’s time to opt for a more complex basement waterproofing solution. In the event of major leaks and floods, you will either need exterior waterproofing services, interior water drainage solutions or interior sealants to keep water at bay

If your basement is prone to condensation or dampness, then it’s important to prevent major mold and foundation issues in the future by choosing interior waterproofing. Contact Bay State Mold Removal for a free estimate and mold testing!

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