Should I Keep or Throw Away Items After Mold Removal?

Should I Keep or Throw Away Items After Mold Removal?

Mold contamination is no joking matter. It can have serious consequences for those who come in contact with mold spores. It is hazardous for mold spore to be loose in the air, since it can affect your health. You may need the help of a mold remediation team to restore your home’s environment to normal. Wondering what items to keep after mold removal may be the immediate issue to tackle. Chances are, you may want to hold on to certain items that hold sentimental value. Here are some factors to consider when deciding what belongings to keep or throw away.

The materials of items in your home and the mold damage are factors that you can use to determine what stays and what goes.

What to Throw Away After Mold Removal

  • Porous Items: Mold can cause considerable damage to items with porous surfaces, such as cardboard, carpet, upholstered furnishings, padding, stuffed animals, and mattresses and box springs.
  • Paper Material: If visible mold is present on paper materials, you will need to throw out, including books, albums and photographs, or craft materials.
  • Food and Food Appliances: Both food and food appliances in your home that has come in contact with mold should be removed and thrown away. While some food preparation appliances that have been exposed to mold can be cleaned, it’s not worth the risk having any mold missed during the cleaning process, creating a hazard that could make you and your family sick. Improper cleaning could also lead to recontamination of your home.

What to Keep After Mold Removal

  • Solid Surface Materials: Solid surface items made of glass, plastic or metal can typically be salvaged and preserved if they are structurally sound.
  • Fabric: Fabric clothing that has been washed to remove the mold can be kept, unless the fabric has been considerably damaged. Washing the damaged clothes can’t restore it to its original state. That would require some professional assistance. This is especially true of leather, which may require more effort to clean properly.
  • Larger Electronics and Appliances: In the instance that your large electronics and appliances have only experienced limited exposure to mold and have been thoroughly cleaned, you can keep them. Keep in mind, though, that mold could have damaged the appliances’ electronic systems, which could prove problematic for the proper functioning of your appliances once you are ready to use them.

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