Interesting Facts About Mold

Interesting Facts About Mold

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t give mold much thought until you have mold in your home. Chances are you’ve seen mold at some point in your home, maybe smelt a weird odor in the bathroom or found mold in corners of the shower or on the shower curtain. It’s not a secret that mold is harmful to our health and it can spread very quickly. There are some facts that you might not know about mold:

Facts About Mold

Mold only needs anywhere from 24-48 hours to grow. Even though it takes no time to grow, it will often times stay hidden for a long time. It’s easy for mold to stay hidden for two main reasons, one because it normally starts to grow in places you don’t see or go into a lot, like in corners of the basement, inside walls, or behind the washing machine. And two, because some types of mold can’t be seen by the human eye.

Even the cleanest home has mold. The thought or idea that a clean home can’t grow mold is a myth. The spours that hold mold are part of our natural environment. They’re always there even in the cleanest home, and most times they’re invisible to the naked eye.

Not all mold is bad for you. In fact, some mold is actually good for you. For example, the Penicillium mold which is used as an antibiotic and kills bacteria when it’s in your body.

But most mold is bad for you. Most of the types of mold that you will find in your home will harm your health and will make you sick. For more information on mold & your health, check out our latest blog posts.

Mold can’t survive without moisture. Mold needs moisture to both grow and live. A damp environment that is also dark is the best place for mold to live. If you want to kill any mold in your home, keep your humidity levels anywhere from 30 – 40 percent.

Help With Mold Removal

If you have questions about mold in your home or want a free estimate on getting any mold in your home removed, call the mold removal experts at Bay State Mold Removal. You can call us at 857-389-5284 or contact us directly on our website.

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