How Proper Home Ventilation Prevents Mold

How Proper Home Ventilation Prevents Mold

If there’s one thing that every homeowner dread finding in their home it’s mold. Costly expenses and health risks are associated with many forms of mold but there’s a shocking secret many people don’t know – mold is everywhere! Its true, mold spores are all around us all the time. Of course, certain levels and types of mold are safe to be around, but mold growing in your home is a different story. Follow these ventilation tips to lower your risk of mold in the home.

Be Aware

Mold can typically be found near the site of a water leak or standing moisture in the home. To prevent this mold growth, you simply have to be aware of what’s happening both inside and outside of your home. Check your pipes for drips or leaks, inspect the roof for signs of weakness and any other area of the home that’s prone to letting water damage into the home.

Reducing Moisture

All types of mold have one thing in common: they need moisture to grow. That means that something as simple as reducing the moisture levels in your home could be all you need to prevent mold before it ever starts! Moist places of the home need to have extra ventilation installed. These areas include:

  • Kitchen – proper kitchen ventilation starts with a good hood over your stove. Utilize the hood when you’re cooking to avoid moisture build-up from the steam produced.
  • Bathrooms – each bathroom should be equipped with a fan and ventilation system. This fan should be used often. Especially when the shower is in use. Let the ventilation system run until all signs of moisture are gone from the walls, ceiling, and floors. When the bathroom isn’t in use, leave the door open to allow for more air flow.
  • Attic – keeping the attic ventilated requires proper duct work that doesn’t leak. You should also inspect wood and insulation regularly. If you notice moisture in the insulation, replace it completely, don’t just cover it with more insulation.
  • Basement – basements are known to be one of the moistest areas of the home. Since ventilation is difficult in this location, it’s best to use a de-humidifier to keep humidity levels low in the space.

If you suspect you have moisture or mold lurking in your home, contact a professional like Bay State Mold Removal right away. Addressing the problem quickly and efficiently is the key to saving your home and your wallet! For immediate assistance, call us at (857) 389-5284 or contact us online via our website.

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