Fall Mold Remediation Available in Saugus MA

Fall Mold Remediation Available in Saugus MA

Fall season in Saugus MA tends to see a lot of rainfall. Although a little rain never hurt anyone, it can do a significant amount of damage to a home that isn’t properly sealed. Moisture that gets into your home from leaky roofs or a flooded basement can cause mold damage. This fall, contact Bay State Mold Removal for professional residential mold remediation services.

Fall Mold Removal Services

Our mold remediation process is quick and efficient, but each season comes with it’s own unique set of challenges. During the fall in Saugus, homeowners may still have their windows open to let in the cooler air and turn off their air conditioning units. Windows may be accidentally left open during an unexpected rain shower, however; this causes water and moisture to get into the home and generate a mold problem later down the road. Window fans or window air conditioning units may also accumulate moisture during the summer months and when you store it in your basement or attic for the fall and winter, any mold spores on the items can spread to the rest of the space.

Keep a lookout for signs of mold problems anywhere in your home — especially your basement, attic and bathroom. These are three areas in your house that tend to accumulate the most moisture. If you see visible signs of mold or smell something musty, contact our professional mold removal company in Saugus!

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