3 Major Signs You Have Attic Mold

3 Major Signs You Have Attic Mold

Attic mold is one of the most difficult types of mold to detect, mostly because most homeowners don’t go into their attics. In fact, some homeowners won’t even know they have a slow leak in their roof until it’s damaged the entire structure. Our professional mold remediation company recommends looking for the following signs for attic mold.

  1. Discoloration. When venturing into your attic, be sure to look at the roof rafters and any other wooden surfaces. If you see green, white, orange or black discoloration, these are mold colonies that need to be removed immediately.
  2. Odd Smells. Do you smell something musty when you step into your attic? That isn’t the “natural” smell of an attic — that’s mold. You may not visibly see mold, but the smell is distinct. We recommend trying to find the general source of the smell as it may lead to an unknown attic leak.
  3. Location. Mold can grow on just about any surface as long as it serves as a source of food. However, there are some sources mold spore will not grow on. These include any metals such as stainless steel, copper a zinc. If your attic has any of these surfaces, it’s safe to say that they are mold free. However, mold will invade wood, drywall and fiberglass.

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