Effective Ways to Reduce Mold Allergies

Effective Ways to Reduce Mold Allergies

If you suffer from mold allergies, you know how this condition can wreak havoc on your daily life. Mold spores are just about everywhere! Although many people find that their mold allergies act up more during the warmer months of the year, they can affect sufferers during any season. A selection of tips that will help you keep your mold allergy symptoms at bay are outlined in this guide.

How to Get Rid of Mold Allergies

  1. Take Precautions When You Go Somewhere – Sometimes, mold allergies are worse in other places than they are at home. Bear in mind that greenhouses, gardens, and secondhand stores, including antique shops, are likely to have high levels of mold spores. If you are traveling to one of these locations, consider wearing a surgical mask or taking extra doses of your allergy medication in your bag.
  2. Dry Out the Air in Your House – Mold spores thrive in moist conditions. Therefore, the drier the air in your home is, the less likely they are to multiply. Buying dehumidifiers for the dampest areas of your home is a good starting point. Air conditioners can also help make air less humid, but are not ideal for wintertime in cooler climates.
  3. Clean Surfaces Often – Even a small amount of standing water or soap scum can be an oasis for mold. Make sure you wipe down your home’s bathroom counters, kitchen counters, stove top, sinks, and shower walls on a daily basis to keep mold spores at bay. This sounds like a lot of work, but it really only takes a few minutes and it’s certainly worthwhile if it staves-off an allergy attack.
  4. Buy Air Conditioning and Heater Filters – Filtering the air that enters your home with HEPA filters is a great way to catch mold spores before they even come into your space. Preventing mold is even better than removing it, so these filters are an excellent investment. It is important to note that you’ll need to replace them regularly for their efficacy to remain at a high level.
  5. Keep Your Basement Dry – If your home has a damp basement or cellar, there’s a strong chance that mold spores are forming there and floating into the rest of your home. Doing everything you can to dry out your basement is key. You may need to invest in multiple dehumidifiers or even consider finishing the space to remove excessive moistness.
  6. Know What Triggers Your Allergies – The more you understand your mold allergies, the better you’ll become at stopping flare-ups. If, for instance, you notice that your attacks are at their worst when you’re outside in the fall, you might want to avoid playing in piles of leaves with your kids or grandkids. If you find that spring is the toughest time for you, keep track of mold spore counts in your area and stay indoors when you can.

These tips are meant to make your mold allergies more bearable. If, however, you’d like to permanent relief from your condition, contact a reputable local mold remediation company such as Bay State Mold Removal to mold-proof your residence. These experts will make sure your house is a safe haven for you!

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