Is Mold In Your Home Making You Sick?

Is Mold In Your Home Making You Sick?

For years you just thought you and your family have been developing indoor allergies. Perhaps you have pets and figured you were just allergic to their fur or hair.

Little do many homeowners know that mold is actually the main cause of indoor air quality and allergens. So rest easy and there’s no need to give up your furry friends. However, a mold issue in your mold also means there’s work to do.

How To Tell You Have Household Mold

If you talk to friends, family, neighbors or coworkers who have dealt with a hidden household mold problem before, one of the first things they will tell you is that they were getting sick whenever they were in their home, and then felt fine immediately after leaving the house. Other ways to determine you have a mold problem include:

  • Musty smell
  • Damp surfaces
  • Poor indoor air quality

Taking care of your mold problem

At Bay State Mold Removal, our Peabody mold remediation company can detect mold behind walls, under floorboards and within ceilings — even if there is no visible sign of mold. Using industry grade technology our experts can pinpoint the exact cause of an underlying mold problem which is often a leaky pipe, basement or roof. After our crew arrives on-site, we’ll give you an accurate timeframe of how long the cleanup process will take. Depending on the extent of the damage, our crew may need to conduct carpentry work to remove affected floorboards, drywall or insulation.

If you believe that household mold is making you and your family sick, please contact our mold removal company in Peabody today for a free consultation and project estimate.

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