Why is it Necessary to Prevent Mold Growth in Bathrooms

Why is it Necessary to Prevent Mold Growth in Bathrooms

A bathroom is an intimate space that provides different experiences for different individuals depending on design. It should be soothing, peaceful and clean. The presence of mold in your bathroom doesn’t resonate as clean. Mold is a type of fungi with light, microscopic spores that float in the air and can be inhaled. All types of molds can feed on organic building materials in your bathroom. Mold thrives in environments that typically feature moisture and warmth and has limited light. Mold is bad, and it is necessary to prevent the growth of mold in your bathrooms. Continue reading to understand why.

Black Mold is Toxic

While black mold is not the only toxic mold, it is a common source of many mold issues in bathrooms. Black mold, also known as stachybotrys chartarum is a greenish-black mold that tends to overgrow other molds that may produce toxins called trichothecenes. Bathrooms contaminated by black mold that produced these toxins become a hazardous space that is not good for occupancy. Exposure to black mold can cause toxic inflammatory effects and long-term exposure to black mold can be dangerous.

Health Issues

In general, exposure to mold that has grown in your bathroom can lead to a number of health issues. Mold sensitivity is something that affects many people and can cause a number of symptoms. The most common symptoms can include stuffy nose, dizziness, headaches, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes, or skin. It may also cause individuals who already suffer from allergies to molds or pulmonary issues to develop more severe reactions, such as fever and trouble breathing. Mold infections are also more likely among individuals that have a weakened immune system. Some individuals can also develop asthma from exposure to mold, which can irritate the respiratory passages and skin rashes. Whether mold is toxic or non-toxic it has the potential to trigger an allergic response, even in healthy individuals.

Not Always Detectable

Not knowing that a danger exists in your home is a terrifying thing and this can be the case with mold, especially mold in your bathroom. Mold is a fungus that is not always visually noticeable on surfaces, but microscopic spores float in the air, which cannot be seen with the naked eye. You may smell a musty odor that could serve as an indication of mold lurking in your bathroom. If you suspect that mold is growing in your bathroom, the best thing to get the help of professionals that can properly determine the presence of mold.

Mold is no joke and you should do what’s necessary to keep mold at bay. It grows quickly and can be toxic, as well as trigger or cause health problems and its presence is not always immediately noticed. The professionals at Bay State Mold Removal can help you with your mild or severe mold in your bathroom and make it the desirable space that you once enjoyed. For a free estimate, contact us online or call us at (857) 389-5284.

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