4 Summer Mold Prevention Tips

4 Summer Mold Prevention Tips

New England summer is in full swing which means the temperature and the humidity is high. During the summer months, mold is notorious for creeping into homes and businesses because this is it’s ideal growing conditions for mold. You may be able to start to see signs of mold in your walls, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Mold is a serious issue for both homeowners and business owners. If it’s not taken care of early, it can be more difficult to remove and cause negative health issues. The mold experts at Bay State Mold Removal have these tips to prevent mold growth in the summer.

Maintain Your Home’s Humidity

If there is any moisture build up, then there is potential for mold growth. Whether the moisture in the air is coming from outside, while cooking, steam from showers, or from running the dishwasher, controlling the humidity is essential to keeping mold out of the home. Make sure you are wiping down any moisture on the walls and when showering or cooking make sure you run a ventilation fan. If you still notice high humidity levels in your home, investing in a dehumidifier is a good option.

Keep Your Home Clean

Keeping your home clean is one of the biggest ways to keep mold from growing. Mold grows with dirt, scum, and cooking oils so as you clean these up you can be cleaning up mold spores that formed. This will also prevent mold spores from forming and will help with any potential mold problems down the road.

Control Your Home’s Temperature

For mold to grow, it needs an exact temperature which is between 77 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit. If you aren’t running your home’s air conditioning then your home could easily get in that range. Make an effort to keep your home’s temperature lower than 77 degrees Fahrenheit so you don’t give mold the chance to grow.

Keep Air Circulating

Mold grows best in stagnant air. If you run fans or keep windows open with a breeze this will prevent mold from growing.

If you think your home could have mold or if you smell a musty smell, contact Bay State Mold Removal right away. Mold isn’t something you should wait until it gets worse to fix. For a free quote or questions about our mold removal process, contact us directly on our website or call us at (857) 389-5284. We offer both residential and commercial mold removal.

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