The Most Common Places Mold Grows In Your Home

The Most Common Places Mold Grows In Your Home

Mold can grow anywhere, but there are certain conditions that foster mold to grow more than other, or at times faster than at others. People commonly find mold in certain areas of the house.

Where you can commonly find mold in your home

Basements. This is one of the most common places you’ll find mold, especially in New England. A basement can be constantly damp and in areas that you don’t go in often, can be dark most of the days. If your house ever has a leak or a flood this is also a common place for water damage – and if you don’t know about it, mold can be growing.

Bathrooms. It’s no secret that bathrooms see a lot of moisture from steam and being constantly used, and if you have more than one person using the same bathroom it may be harder for that room to get back to a normal humidity level. If a bathroom doesn’t have a window or a vent fan, they are even at higher chances of growing mold.

Attics. Like the basement, this is a commonplace in your home that you may not go into regularly so you might not notice mold growth until the problem gets bad. If your roof is leaking, it’s most likely going to get into your attic first. And you might not know about it right away.

Laundry rooms. A laundry room has a lot of plumbing in and out which means more likely for a leak to happen. How often are you checking behind your washer/dryer to make sure there’s no mold growth? Or to clean it? The answer is probably never – very rarely which is why mold is commonly found there.

These are just some of the most common places that mold can be found – that doesn’t mean that mold can’t grow in other places. To keep mold out of your home, it’s best to clean up any water immediately and to check these places to ensure mold isn’t there and growing. Once you find mold, chances are there are other places you can’t see yet. Mold grows at a rapid rate and can be invisible to the naked eye.

What to do if you have mold

If you think your home could be infected by mold – don’t wait any longer! BayState Mold removal is professional mold remediation expert, trained in mold removal. Give us a call at 857-389-5284 or contact us on our website for a consultation. Mold has negative effects on your health and it’s better to get it out of your home before it becomes a bigger problem.

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