Can Mold Grow Back After Removal?

Can Mold Grow Back After Removal?

It’s no secret that mold is hard to removal and a nasty problem that many homeowners are faced with yearly. If your home has had mold a common question is, can mold grow back after it’s removed? And while it’s not a simple yes or no answer, here’s everything you can look for and what you can do to prevent mold from coming back. After all, you know first hand the problems mold created for you and your home.

How to remove mold

As mold can be invisible to the naked eye and can hide in places you wouldn’t know or think to look – we always recommend getting an expert opinion on mold in your home. Mold has a lot of negative health factors so it’s important for yourself and the wellness of those who live and come into the home that when it is removed, all the mold is gone. A professional can remove mold quicker than you would be able to yourself, because of the necessary tools and knowledge.

Most homes in New England have basements and attics which are prime locations for mold to grow, it’s safe to say that even a job is done right, mold can still come back. With this being said, as a homeowner, there are things you can so this isn’t the case for your home.

How to keep mold from coming back

Moisture is the common root of all mold. If you can keep your moisture to a minimum, then mold won’t be able to grow. First thing you want to do is to make note of anywhere that there is moisture, and dry it out. During winter moths, this can be harder as in New England people run their dehumidifiers because the heat will eliminate all moisture in the air. This can create moisture, you can put a towel near yours, and be sure to replace it frequently. If you notice any leaky pipes, address and repair the issue right away.

If you are making any updates or remodeling your home, there are newer forms of drywall that are mold resistant which is worth the hassle of getting mold in your home. They use fiberglass instead of paper, or a cover then paper as a base which absorbs moisture. Having a fiberglass layer will help protect mold from forming and spreading.

If you have questions about mold or think your home may have mold, give us a call at (857) 389-5284 or on our website, and we are happy to answer any of your questions and get your mold problem taken care of. Don’t feel like you have to tackle your mold problem alone, Bay State Mold Removal is a licensed professional and here to help!

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