How To Prevent Mold Growth In The Winter

How To Prevent Mold Growth In The Winter

Mold grows in our houses because of its ability to grow on any medium. Mold can grow and survive on different surfaces and things like walls, books, clothes, doors, etc. To stop mold growth in your house, you will have to ensure you cut off its survival means like moisture, food, and warmth. It is rare not to notice mold growth in winter because they thrive well in the wet season.

Below are ways to prevent mold growth:

Reduce the humidity

Since mold thrives naturally in a moist environment which supports its growth, reducing the moisture in the air is the first step to preventing its growth in the household. The reason is that dry air will prevent mold spores from growing on surfaces inside your home. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it is advisable to lower the humidity in your home below 60%. You can reduce the moisture in your home by properly storing your wet clothes and towels, replacing warm showers with cool ones, and using a dehumidifier.

Repair leaks and damaged pipes as soon as you detect them

It is an excellent practice to check for damages and leaks around your home regularly. You should check places like your basement, gutters, drains, and pipes to ensure no leak or fault. This will ensure that you repair leaks quickly and hence, keep the place dry and mold-free. 

Get experts to check your home for mold

It is better to prevent mold from growing instead of reducing mold growth. The best way to eradicate mold is by testing your home for mold growth. This way, you can remove mold from your home earlier before it appears. 

You can do this by getting the help of professionals to test inside and the surroundings of your house for mold called mold testing. They do come for inspection and collect samples for laboratory investigation. Some of the equipment they use to detect mold is moisture meters and particle counters. 

Lastly, they develop a lasting proven solution that will keep your home and property safe from mold growth and its damages.

Why Hire Bay State Mold Removal

Even though mold might be difficult to eradicate from your home, it is worth it to try the methods mentioned above to remove mold from your home. This will prevent property damages and keep you and your family safe. Should you need assistance to remove excessive mold, Bay State Mold Removal is a professional firm offering mold removal services.

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