Do I Need a Home Mold Inspection?

If you and your family are experiencing health symptoms caused by mold, or suspect that your home may have a mold problem, the only way to find out for sure is to have a professional mold inspection company assess your home.

Our goals for performing a mold test

Bay State Mold Removal is a fully licensed and insured mold remediation company in Peabody MA and provides mold testing, removal and waterproofing for the entire North Shore area. It’s important for a company to come in and inspect your home for two reasons: 1) We need to make sure where the mold is and 2) We need to find the source of the mold, which is usually a leak or other water problem.

Why you need a mold inspection

Even if you can see visible signs of mold in your basement, attic or elsewhere in your home, there may be underlying mold issues. Bay State Mold Removal often finds severe mold damage to a buildings’ structure behind visibly moldy drywall. It isn’t enough to just spot clean or surface treat a household mold problem, and only an inspection will tell if there is a hidden issue.

Hiring a professional mold inspector in the North Shore area is the first step to take when you suspect a mold problem. You shouldn’t go searching your home for mold on your own because you could cause extensive damage to your house and you may not know where to find the root cause of the issue. Our mold remediation experts at Bay State Mold Removal are seasoned veterans when it comes to hunting down mold; we know exactly where the probable sources are and how to carefully get to the problem.

Long story short, YES you need a mold inspection! It will end up saving you money in the long run because without an inspection, the mold problem could return. Contact Bay State Mold Removal today for mold testing and removal services.

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