10 Things You Should Know About Mold

Many people understand that mold problems can arise in their homes, but not many know why, or how or when mold issues occur. At Bay State Mold Removal, our mold remediation company provides professional testing, removal and air quality services for the entire North Shore of Massachusetts. But before you contact our team, here are ten things you should know about mold.

  1. You and your family could experience health issues such as allergies, asthma and upper respiratory infections.
  2. Traces of indoor mold will always exist in your home or business, but it’s when moisture becomes a problem that mold growth gets out of hand. Controlling moisture inside prevents mold problems in the future.
  3. If you do find household mold, it must be professionally cleaned up. Our mold remediation company in Peabody will also eliminate the source of the mold problem, whether that is a leak or a flood.
  4. Prevent flooding in your home with basement waterproofing services in the North Shore. Our crew provides quick and long-lasting basement waterproofing for homeowners.
  5. Reduce indoor humidity significantly by ventilating your bathroom and kitchen, using dehumidifiers, using fans or opening windows to let light in and improve air circulation.
  6. If there is a spill or a leak on furnishings or flooring materials, clean up the moisture within 24 hours to prevent mold growth and structural damage.
  7. If you notice mold on surfaces such as walls or floors, it can be cleaned by using warm water and detergent. This is especially helpful for bathroom tiles.
  8. To prevent condensation, add insulation to your pipes, exterior walls roof and windows. This is crucial for those living in the chilly North Shore. Our mold remediation team are also professionals when it comes to installing insulation.
  9. For homeowners who own an older home that tends to have spots where moisture collects, don’t install carpeting! You could end up replacing the carpet sooner than expected due to moisture issues and mold problems.
  10. Don’t forget that there are thousands of species of mold, hundreds of which can dwell in your home or business. These single-celled organisms can grow on almost any surface where there is enough moisture.

Do you think you have a mold problem in your home? Contact our mold removal specialists in Peabody MA; we’re available 24/7 in case you discover an emergency that needs attention ASAP!

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