Why You Should Fix the Mold Before Selling Your Home

Why You Should Fix the Mold Before Selling Your Home

Mold growth is an unfortunate reality for homeowners. Mold growth occurs when there’s excess moisture in the home. That moisture can be from a wide variety of causes. Identifying the cause of the mold and removing the mold seems like a no-brainer, but what if you want to sell the home anyway It may seem tempting to just leave the mold for the next owner to deal with, but that’s a mistake that could seriously cost you.

Attracting Potential Buyers

You are legally required to disclose mold in the home if you know it’s there. This will automatically drop your list of interested buyers. The drop-off in potential buyers when there’s mold in the home won’t be subtle either – it will drastically cut down the market of buyers who will even want to look at the home. This creates less of a demand for the home, so you can say goodbye to any possibility of a bidding war to drive the price up. Eliminating the mold before you list your home for sale means you won’t have to disclose there’s mold in the home and you’ll be back to a larger pool of potential buyers!

Home Inspections

If you don’t disclose mold in your home either by choice or because you don’t know that it’s there, it’s sure to come up during a home inspection. Home inspections are part of the home buying process that protects the purchaser from buying a home with major issues. An inspector will look through the home with a fine-toothed comb and list out any issues they find for the buyers to review. If mold is listed on that report, you can expect the buyer to suddenly lose interest or drastically lower the offering bid. Take the proper steps to eliminate mold in the home before the home inspection during the selling process to avoid surprising your buyers with unpleasant news.

Resale Value

It’s easy to understand why a home without mold is worth more than a home with mold. If you sell your home with mold, your resale value will plummet. Potential buyers have to be able to afford mold remediation themselves before they can safely move into the space, so they won’t have as much to spend on the purchase price of the home. Getting the mold removed before selling typically has a great return on investment with a higher resale value!

Contact Bay State Mold Removal today to schedule an appointment with a mold specialist in your area. Rather you already know about mold in your home and want to remove it before you sell or you just want to double-check for the presence of mold before listing, our team has got you covered!

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