What Causes Black Mold?

What Causes Black Mold?

There are thousands of different species of mold, but one of the most toxic is black mold. Black mold can be found anywhere if the conditions are right.

Causes of Black Mold in Homes

Homes that have acquired a lot of moisture in basements, attics, or other rooms of the house are susceptible to it’s growth if there is enough humidity. Recent flooding or leaks can also speed up the growth process of black mold. Generally the materials black mold grows on within your home are high in cellulose and nitrogen — which is what is found in most common building materials such as dry wall and wood. Aside from a food source and the correct temperature, black mold also needs a dark place. Unlike other types of mold that can often thrive in indirect light, black mold will usually prefer crawl spaces or attics, so it’s important to check these areas if you suspect mold problems.

Black Mold and Your Health

Although black mold doesn’t grow quickly, it does create a high amount of toxins and releases these into the air. The toxic particles can then travel to other areas of your home through air currents, pets, humans, or HVAC ductwork. If the spores of black mold relocate and find another suitable living space within your home, then chances are you will have the problem spread.

It’s important to take action sooner rather than later! If you experience asthmatic symptoms or cold like symptoms, then contact our mold removal company in Peabody today!

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