Tips to Prevent Bathroom Mold Growth This Winter

Tips to Prevent Bathroom Mold Growth This Winter

Apart from having no respect for boundaries, molds are very unsanitary and unhealthy. The fact that it appears without warning and defaces walls, surfaces, etc., does not help the threat they pose. Usually, mold thrives in places or corners with high humidity or warmth. They spread rather rapidly and can sprout up again if improperly addressed.

A bathroom is commonplace for year-round mold growth because damp environments are closely associated with molds. However, the prevention of this menace is possible. Here’s how:

Measures for Prevention of Mold Growth in Winter

1.    Examine Sinks and Pipes

You should check beneath your sink and along its pipes to rule out leakages. Failing to attend to leaky pipes means that you may not notice when the mold starts growing and spreading. Fix leaking sink or pipe upon discovery. Also, be observant so that the mold does not begin to grow again.

2.    Examine Windows

Due to consistent rainfalls and the rise in humidity created by hot showers, window panes and doorways are ideal homes for mold. The key is to ensure that all your windows are locked, leaving no room for leakage or dripping. These leakages will create moisture in corners and become a home for molds. Furthermore, keep the air circulation measures in your bathroom active and efficient.

3.    Keep an Eye Out for Leaks in The Future

It is also important to occasionally examine the areas that can potentially generate molds. After clearing molds from surfaces, spores may remain. These spores can regenerate more molds if care is not taken. You should stay cautious of mold growth as it will help you to spot and eliminate them on time.

4.    Preserve Air Circulation

Dehumidifiers are an excellent way to keep the moisture and humidity level in your home at the minimum. Also, you can have working exhaust fans in your bathroom. These will help to maintain air circulation and reduce excessive moisture.

5.    Ensure the Drainage Is Working

Keeping the drainage working is very important if you want to prevent bathroom mold growth this winter or any other season. A wet area is a conducive environment for mold to grow. If your bathtub or sink has bad drainage, get a plumber to fix them.

Prevent Bathroom Mold and Stay Healthy with Bay State Mold Removal

Please bear in mind that molds cause some health discomforts such as irritation of the eyes, nose, ears, skin itching, and allergies. They can also ruin materials such as wood. Therefore, it is healthier and cost-effective to look out for them all year round. Lastly, winter is the season of frost and a time when our environment is cold and moist. Prevent mold from growing in your bathroom this winter by keeping the walls, surfaces, and floors clean and dry.

Contact the experts at Bay State Mold Removal if you suspect your bathroom, kitchen, or attic is experiencing a mold issue.

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