How to Prevent Household Mold

How to Prevent Household Mold

An estimated 86% of homeowners have experienced mold to some degree. If you’re one of the lucky few that hasn’t yet and would like to keep it that way, here are a few tips and tricks to preventing household mold in the future.

  • Control Indoor Humidity. Be sure to keep your home’s humidity levels to 60% or slightly lower if possible. Not sure what your home’s level is at right now? Head to your nearest hardware store and purchase a hygrometer.
  • Add Insulation. Insulation is important to regulating your home’s internal temperature. Without insulation, condensation becomes a problem as warm air meets cold surfaces. Be sure to have exterior walls, floors and windows insulated.
  • Dry Wet Areas. If you notice leaks, puddles or even flooding anywhere in your home, it’s crucial that you take action to remove standing water and moisture in the area within 48 hours. After this window, mold is more likely to become a problem. Either way, it’s important to contact a professional mold removal company to assess the situation.
  • Create Air Flow. Always try to improve the air flow within your home, even the attic and basement, by opening doors and windows (when the weather is nice). Mold likes dark, windless areas. Circulating air prevents mold from taking root in your home.
  • Empty Drip Pans. Always be sure to check your air conditioner’s drip pans during the warmer months. These generally harbor mold and if they spill over, that mold is now on the floor or in the carpet. If you’re heading away on vacation for an extended period of time, be sure to have someone check on the drip pan for you.

Already found mold or are interested in preventing it in the future? Bay State Mold Removal is here to perform professional mold remediation services for Peabody and the surrounding North Shore area. Our team is also capable of installing basement waterproofing for preventing leaks and floods in the future. Contact us today!

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