Common Signs You Have An Attic Mold Problem

Common Signs You Have An Attic Mold Problem

Mold can grow anywhere, no part of your house is safe from a mold outbreak. There are things you can look for and try and catch the problem sooner rather than later before the mold grows. One of the problems with attic mold is that your attic isn’t someplace you spend a lot of time, or go into a lot. But having mold in your attic can not only impact you, but it can cause your home a lot of damage.

Signs you have mold in your attic

  • Look for spots that are discolored. Mold tends to make whatever it is growing on discolored – common colors are black, grey, green, or brown. Typically mold that is grey or black spreads very fast.
  • It smells like spoiled milk. When your attic starts to smell bad, and when you go in, you notice this. It’s a common sign that there is mold growing in the attic. Especially if it’s in a specific area.
  • You’ve recently had a water leak in your roof. After this, it is common that mold could start to grow in the attic because leftover moisture or condensation could have poor ventilation causing the growth of mold.
  • The size/shape. Attic’s are normally cooler and dark – which mold loves. If you suspect you see mold, it normally looks like a perfect circle or a cresent moon.
  • You or who lives in the house is sick frequently or has worsening allergies. If you are unsure why this is happening and have checked your home for mold where you are mostly at, then the mold could be in the attic where you don’t spend a lot of time or wouldn’t think to check.

If you suspect you have mold in your attic and can’t find it yourself, call us at 857-389-5284 to help you today at or visit our website and we are happy to help clear your home of mold! It is not worth the mold spreading and giving you the negative health benefits of being around mold.

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