How To Determine If Mold Is Behind Your Walls

The greater Boston area and North Shore have seen a lot of rain lately. But since it’s finally becoming a bit more sunny and warm, we need to be more mindful about potential mold problems. Rainwater tends to pool and make it’s way into the smallest of spaces. If you’ve recently had your skylight open and perhaps didn’t shut it tight enough before all the rain, then you could be dealing with a leak somewhere.

The sunny and warm weather will tend to make water damage more noticeable to homeowners that there’s water damage to the drywall. Our residential mold removal company wants homeowners to be aware of these tell-tale signs for mold in your walls:

  1. Peeling wallpaper. If you have wallpaper on your drywall and it’s starting to peel away, then this is a sign that the structure behind the wallpaper has been soaked through by rainwater. It’s time to rip that wallpaper and the drywall down to get to the root of the problem — but be sure a professional mold removal company does this.
  2. Warped Baseboards or Wood Paneling. Anything that’s warped is another sign of major water damage behind your walls. Wood and drywall are porous materials, which is why mold likes to grow on these and water likes to collect there. The wood and drywall absorb the water and as a result expand, which means your baseboards and wood paneling expand with it.
  3. Water Damage on the Floor. If you have hardwood floors or even carpeting throughout your home and you notice that there are water stains in the area, then there’s a leak close by. Our mold removal experts in the North Shore are here to detect the source of the leak (which may be your roof or old vinyl siding) and will be sure to remediate any existing mold as well as take measures to prevent mold in the future.

Other common signs that you have a mold problem within your walls are noticing an increase in indoor allergens as well as noticing a musty odor in the room. If you notice any of the above conditions, please contact our 24/7 mold removal company in the North Shore today!

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